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Another year, another batch of conventions I will be selling at this year.  You will most likely find me tabling with :iconmikeluckas:.  He is the ying to my yang.  My Spongebob to my Patrick.

MAGFest (National Harbor, MD) - January 2-5
Katsucon (National Harbor, MD) - February 14-16
Anime Boston (Boston, MA) - March 21-23
MoCCA Fest (New York, NY) April 5-6
Awesome Con (Washington DC) - April 18-20
Zenkaikon (Lancaster, PA) - April 25-27
Anime Central (Chicago, IL) - May 16-18
Special Edition NYC (New York, NY) - June 14-15
Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) - July 3-6
Otakon (Baltimore, MD) - August 8-10
Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD) - September 13-14
Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) September 26-28
New York Comic Con (New York, NY) - October 9-12
Another Anime Convention (Manchester, NH) - October 17-19
Youmacon (Detroit, MI) - October 30 - November 2
KaleiC Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man wish I could hit up some US cons but UK n all... Good news is I hear there's a few going down in Rome this year!
CoralSnake Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014   Traditional Artist
take me with you T__T probably only gonna get to go to Tokyo in Tulsa if we have any aspirations to move out in July... I'm so afraid to move and be pennyless ;n; how do you do it man? I need a pep talk xD
TheSteveYurko Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014   Traditional Artist
I don't do it, I just live con to con.  If I was moving out and finding a place to live I think things would be a tad different.  I am by no means the financial wizard you seek.
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January 6, 2014


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